Time Usage

In the paid economy, females worked fewer paid hours per week than males, averaging 36 hours compared with 42.6 hours. However, Non-Caymanian females worked 42 paid hours per week on average, which was more than both Caymanian females (30.8 hours) and Caymanian males (37.3 hours). Non-Caymanian males averaged the longest paid work week at 47.9 hours.

The gender gap in time spend in the paid economy is often caused by the unequal burden of unpaid childcare, elder care, housework and other domestic responsibilities. The 1999 Census of Population and Housing census revealed that females aged 15 and older spend more time doing unpaid housework and unpaid child care than their male counterparts in the Cayman Islands.


Gender Gaps in time use
This article in the Caymanian Compass gives an overview of how males and females in the Cayman Islands use their time differently, how these gaps are often related to feminine gender roles and how we can promote greater equality between the sexes.