Sexual Harassment

Any act of sexual harassment against a person by any other person constitutes discrimination based on sex. Workplace sexual harassment is illegal under the Gender Equality Law, 2011. 

In the Law, sexual harassment is defined as "unwanted conduct of a sexual nature against an employee by an employer or another employee in the workplace or in connection with the performance of, or recruitment of work”. It is also an act which is threatened or imposed as a condition of employment on the employee or which creates a hostile working environment. Sexual harassment has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the employee or intimidating, degrading, humiliating or offending the employee.

The following chart shows how a determination may be made as to whether alleged conduct amounts to sexual harassment as defined in the Gender Equality Law. Any person who feels he or she has experienced discrimination that is prohibited under the Law, including sexual harassment, can make a complaint to the Gender Equality Tribunal.