Making a Complaint

If you have reasonable grounds to believe that you have been discriminated against as outlined in the Gender Equality Law, a complaint can be made to the Gender Equality Tribunal within 6 months of the date on which the alleged act(s) occurred. A complaint can also be made by someone other than the alleged victim of discrimination. However, the Tribunal cannot deal with a complaint made by a third party unless the alleged victim consents.

To file a complaint with the Gender Equality Tribunal, please download the Complaint Form and follow the instructions. Once the form is completed it can be emailed to

For any reason and at any stage after the filing of a complaint but before the commencement of a hearing, a complainant may withdraw his or her complaint by written notice to the Tribunal. The notice need not include reasons for the withdrawal. At any stage after the filing of a complaint and before the commencement of a hearing by the Tribunal, the parties may also make an agreement and notify the Tribunal, in writing, of the terms of the agreement.